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Free mod for better throttle response


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December 3, 1999
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Penobscot, Maine
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'92 XLT
I was out messing with my pedal covers and noticed that I could pull out on the pedal a good 3/4 of an inch or so and was a little curious as to if I could keep the pedal out that far because its always been further in than the brake pedal. So I look up where the throttle cable comes through the pedal assembly and sure enough there is about 1/2 inch of slack up there. I took 2 of the widest zip ties I had and zipped them real tight around the end of the cable (Between the cable stop and the spring). So now my pedal is out closer to the brake and I have better throttle response and a better feeling pedal in general. Pretty cool I thought.

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Hey Byrd..

I'm always up for a free mod...Thanks. Any chance of after pics?

Yup, I'll get some up.

Send me a link to those pics to please (or the pics themselves whichever is easier)



I noticed the slack in the throttle cable but never tried to modify it. They say that you need 3 outside confirmations to change a theory to law so I'll try it and post results. {sidenote- How cool would it be to have a law named after you like Newton's Law}

ya that mod has been posted on here a couple of times and apparently its and old Stang trick too.

Even though its been posted on here a couple of times im still to lazy to reach down there and throw some zip ties on there

Thanks for the reminder