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Free Web space for a Web Site and Hotlinking???


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November 23, 1999
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Ok, I had Comcast, and now we have Verizon for ISP....

Comcast game me 25mb of web space,a nd Verison only gives me 10mb....
I had about 50mb spread across 2 accounts on Comcast.....

Now I need somewhere that allows me to have a web site AND allows me to Hotlink images from other sites like this one!

Anyone have any suggestions?? and or space they can give me???


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November 15, 2001
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I put all my images and videos on www.photobucket.com
the make it really easy to link to the pics and videos.

no advertising either except that there will be a small photobucket icon on the frame that holds the video

as for a website I use godaddy for my domain and hosting. $3.99 a month isnt bad..


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December 14, 2006
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Someone on another forum I go to just posted this up the other day, you have to send him info first but I'd say it's worth it:
Hello. I am working with SerenityFX Hosting, and I can offer you free hosting at no charge. The website is currently undergoing a template redesign and some script changes. What we can offer:

Space Between 100MB - 2GB
Unmetered Bandwidth (We will limit if you are using too much)
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Email Accounts
24x7 Access To Your Account
24x7 Support Available at 3 different methods

Our servers are AMD Opteron 285 and Dual Woodcrest 5160 with at least 2GB of ECC RAM. Current server uptime is over 50 days with no problems!

Our control panel is Direct Admin, and you will receive full access to your account (control panel, FTP, email, mysql, etc.).
We also offer a 24x7 Support Service via:

-Online MSN Messenger (Online 24x7 - Current Uptime 11+ Days)


-We do not allow hosting of warez, pornography, or any other illegal files. Even if the pornography is legal, we still do not allow pornography on our servers.
-Linking to warez and pornography is allowed, but no content is allowed to be hosted on our servers.
-We do not allow users to use our server space as a storage area for their personal files. If a hosting account is used mainly for hosting files or media, we will terminate the account immediately.
-We do not allow the following types of websites:
Email Provider
Image Uploader
File Uploader
-We do not allow emailing scripts, such as email bombers or anonymous mmailers.

If any rules are broken, then the account will be terminated automatically with no warning.

Our free hosting is 100% free, no setup fees, no hidden charges, no future charges, and no ads! No hidden ads, no shown ads, no text links, nothing, just 100% free hosting!

Interested in applying? Send the following information to:


Information Needed:

First name
Last name
Website type
What will the hosting be used for
Login wanted
Amount of space and bandwidth needed

Password will be RANDOMLY GENERATED. You can change it after you login.

If there are any questions, please email us:


- SerenityFX Admin
There's plenty of other sites out there offering free hosting, most with advertisements on your site, if you just look around.


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March 3, 2002
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Man that guy has been spamming sites left & right..