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freeing stuck temp sender in sohc t-stat housing


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April 15, 2008
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1998 4x4 explorer SOHC
hello to all. The more I get involved here the better I feel about tackling sohc work. Ya - I know. its the point of being here.

question. when I did the intake orings last wkend, I also tried to swap out the temp sender unit in the explorer sohc t-stat housing. The housing is plastic and the threaded, metal sender is screwed into a metal ring in the housing top. when I used a crows foot to remove the bad sender, it (and the ring) just spun around in the top but did not unscrew. I left it alone (bad one in place) and it does not leak 4 days later. I assume i need to replace the housing or at least the top to have a working temp gage on the dash. I hear the housing is pricy.

The situation is unfortunate cuz i will need to remove the other device in the housing top (ECT sensor ) to do the chain tensioner/ galley plug job and it may spin too.