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Freeze plug on 91


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August 6, 2010
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Ontario, California
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'91 X 4x4
Ok, I realize I asked about the freeze plug in my thread on the overheating problem, but now I'm in a real pickle and need some help so figured an independent thread was warranted.

Here's the deal, my 91 X had 2 leaking freeze plugs. At first I only thought it was just one of them leaking, but upon further investigation I found 2 of them. Both sides of the block, the forward most freeze plug was leaking very bad. So, someone in my other thread said to just hit the plug on the edge with a punch causing it to twist in the block, then grab it with pliers and pull it out.

Well, the one on the pass side that worked pretty well. It didn't actually twist in the block, just punched thru and fell down. I then grabbed it with needle nose pliers and pulled it out. Nice.

Then the one on the driver side. Well, turns out that, while the pass side had plenty of space behind it, the one on the driver side has just enough room for the freeze plug to punch all the way in and slide down, tight. Which is what it did. I mean, I can move it around in there a little bit, but not much. I have tried and tried but can see no way to get it out.

Soooo... anyone have any suggestions? Or, what would it hurt if I just left it in there and put a new one on top of it? I live in the Los Angeles area, so I don't usually have to worry about freezing temps. I'm not at all concerned about my block ever cracking due to a freeze plug not popping out.

ok, update.

I called a friend over. He took a long pry bar and a hammer. With more patience than I posses he crimped the plug on 2 sides, then clamped a pair of needle nose vise grips on the plug and I pulled on it from up top, and it popped out. Not too bad after all.

Then I discovered the freeze plug on the back of the left head was leaking as well. But, friend managed to pop it out as well so off to get another plug to pop in there.

Hope no others start leaking now, guess that's what happens when someone runs straight water in an engine.....

Thanks to all.

Its just age, for the most part. But antifreeze does have anti-corrosion additives in it to prevent this. I would reccomend using anti-freeze for the simple fact that it transmits heat better than regular water. But whatever works for ya!