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Fresh Rebuilt AODE 4r70w no overdrive, HELP

Ted Fisher

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March 10, 2008
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98 Eddie Bauer
My girlfriends Explorer had the planetaries start breaking teeth, so we had the trans rebuilt by a guy who used to do it for a living but now does it on the side. Anyway now when it goes into OD its like it goes into neutral, so I pressed the button and took it out of OD and itworks good in 3rd, But with the OD off it will not shift into 3rd on its own I have to put the OD back on wait for the shift then take it back off and it goes into 3rd and works fine. OD has yet to work does anyone have any ideas, I need help and my girlfriend is not very happy.

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Do me a favor. See if you have manual 2nd.

I ask because I first want to see if the overdrive band is being applied. It only applies in OD 4th, and manual 2nd. We can explorer from there.

(I say that not necessarily expecting that is the problem. Mind you it COULD be something as simple as a misadjusted DTR on the side of the tranny.)

Welcome to this forum! Was the internal wiring harness replaced or repaired when it was rebuilt?

OK I did a little testing yesterday I'm still confused a little though. I have a scan tool and Mitchell On Demand so I scaned it first it doesn't have any codes that apply to the trans, so I drove it and watched the shift solenoids the do just as Mitchell says they are supposed to. I did notice however it seem to want to slightly pull in OD, but it is very faint. I checked Manual 2nd as you asked and it does work and I didn't detect anything funny. I was kinda thinking it may be the OD servo. Does this absolutly rule that out? What adjustment do mean because I didn't adj anything? The planataries and sun gears were replace a new band, torque convertor, and a kit were put in it. He didn't say anything about the wiring harness, so we didn't replace it but I also don't have any codes. Thank you guys for your help I need it and so does the rebuilder.

"..doesn't have any codes that apply to the transmission..." Does that mean it has some codes? If so what are they?

The fact that you have manual 2nd "suggests" the OB servo is ok, as it applies - that said, if it was not applying, you should still move, the gear ratio would be off.

If we look at 3rd versus 4th (OD) and 4th versus Manual 2nd we see the following

3rd FW CL applied Dir CL applied
4th OD BAND no FW applied Dir CL applied Interm 1way Hold
M2 OD BAND FW CL applied No Dir CL Interm 1way Hold

So as you can see you can compare components in the operation of various gearings.

If we look at the Shift solenoids... SS2 is off in all gears except 3rd and 4th. A good 3rd suggests thhat SS2 is operating properly.

This is a puzzler. I am curious if the intermediate one way clutch was replaced, or assembled correctly assuming it to be the spring and roller type.

Line pressure readings would be a huge help.

I should again question is the range senor properly aligned ?

I don't have a way to check the range sensor. I just hope the assembler did. I took it to him tonight and left it, he wanted to check it out himself. The only problem is he isn't really sure about that transmission. I don't know the line pressures but I could check that when I get it back. I kinda hope its the servo still. I noticed the only difference between OD2 and M2 is the overdrive band so I figured it would still work in 2nd. I just didn't understand what the band was doing. Does it make the ratio lower or higher? The sprag was not replaced unless it came in the kit, which I doubt. I wondered if it could be in backwards or something but I'm not sure what effect it would have on the trans. Thanks for your help maybe we will figure this thing out.

The codes were EGR Flow, Key in circuit failure and an anti-theft thing, but it had those before the problem. I don't know if that helps but I hope so.

It turned out that is was a builder error. The band and the servo were not seated properly. He took care of the problem and it works great. Thanks for you help.

Thanks for the update!