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friction modifier


August 29, 2009
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hi does anyone know what friction modifier i should use on a rear diff , 1998 4ltr auto, also what amount of oil goes in rear diff, ive been told to use 70-40, would slick 50 do as friction mod, cheers rob

mines a 99 and manual says,rear axle 4x4 use ford hypoid oil to spec wsl m2c 912 a with oil additive est m2c 118a capacity 2.6ltrs

Hey check out this thread

Also the friction modifier is availabe from ford but not sure of the part no.

Checkout opie oils, i think they do the redline and amisol friction modifiers. Also think rich has negotiated a forum discount with them

friction modifier or new rear diff

ok thanks for info on oil, now ive had this wining noise since ive had car and i thought id discovered its location but today i jumped in the back boot area and told wife to drive car under load, the noise was coming from the rear axle area, it only comes on load not when i take foot off the throttle, bad news but good id tracked it down , but then jumped back into rear passenger seat and i put my ear to the floor behind drivers seat and the noise is the same there, i was hoping to change diff oil and put in modifier and hope noise would go before i forked out for a recon diff but now im back to square one, noise from axle and behind drivers seat! i did take rear prop off yesterday and noise was gone, i drove it just on front wheel drive, i checked prop while it was off and joints feel ok , no play etc but there is a rubber shocker like thing built into it and not knowing what it should feel like i dont know if its good or bad, i can push it in and out quite easy, but i cant see why that should cause wining noise, im totaly stumped and peeved by trying to find cure, i dont want to fork out on axle only to get noise back again, please help, cheers rob