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Friend and fellow 4wheeler killed in Iraq


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February 18, 1999
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I learned a friend serving in Mosul, Iraq was killed on wensday this past week. Here's a repost of the information posted on :

Origionally posted by Vertster:

I'm sure many of you know our dear friend and fellow CO4X4 member, John Shaw Vaughan or "Hurc". At 0700 this morning, his sister called me to say that he was killed in action yesterday (Wednesday) in Mosul, Iraq. Lt John Shaw Vaughan was in the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team based in Fairbanks, AK and he had just been in Iraq about a month, on the streets, where it's most dangerous. John was proud to be in the Army, and of his tour in Iraq. He was very positive about his work and the people there and was writing regularly, posting his pics on I think he'd like his friends to share his photo album. When he graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, I gave him a plastic "Jimmy Neutron" in the jet for fun. Jimmy had made the run from Colorado, to Daytona, to the Artic Circle, and on to Iraq as seen in his album. John always could find fun in whatever he was doing and he brightened any place he went.


From his letters, and when I last spoke with him about a week ago, things were fairly calm with few, random drive by pot shots from what he said were "few and far in-between" bad guys. I went up to Edwards, CO today to see his family and to offer what support I could. John and I were very close and he was like a son to me. We'd become friends through our love of Jeepsters and wheeling and had become like family over the past several years. John took the AVATAR pic on my CO4x4 ID when we last wheeled Holy Cross together.

John's family met with the Army reps today and will be flown back to the U.S. in the next few days. The actual day is still tenative. A small, private memorial service is planned for his family's home in Edwards, CO over the weekend (?) and the military funeral serices will be held after, in Florida, where John will most likely be laid to rest near his grandfather. The details are still not quite firm.

I hope you will all join me in prayer for him and his family. We're proud of his service and we are all better to have known John for his positive outlook, his great sense of humor, and seeing the good in everyone.

God Bless you, Lt. John. We will miss you.

I know few members here knew him, but I'm sure many will remember seeing pictures, in several magazines, of his Jeepster rolling on Potato Salad Hill during EJS 2005.

I gave John the body he used to rebuild his Jeepster after the roll and was completely shocked to see him pull into the City Market parking lot in Moab, during the 2005 Explorer run, in the freshly rebuilt Jeepster, less than one month after picking up the pile I had given him. He was a great guy and will be truly missed.

I just noticed there is another pic of John's Jeepster from the EJS roll in this months JP magazine.


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January 26, 2005
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may he Rest in Peace


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Sorry for the loss of your friend Mike. His service to our country was greatly appreciated. :usa: :usa:

Such a shame to hear about such a young and vibrant man passing on no matter the circumstance.:(

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SOrry about your friend. I'll say a prayer for him and his family. I appreciate his sacrifice to this country. May he rest in peace.