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FROADER's front bumper/winch mount (lots-o-pics)

WOW looks great bro!!!
i love how it looks...BTW i have the same cell

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Good thing your license plate hides that ugly fairlead :p:
No joke!!
are going to mount your lights again?
Whenever Winter has free time again, I'll have him weld a coupld tabs on there.
Next time you talk to Winter ask him where he got those nice jack/frame stands...thanks.
He'll be at Truck Haven next weekend, but I might see him tonight so I'll ask.

i like that, but what if its a straight triangle, like a point on the end? would it work as good? just trying to get ideas, thanks.

I'm not sure what you mean. A point on what end? Can you explain it more?

on the end of the bullbar, kinda like this.



my buddys blazer

No access to a bender? :p:

I'm sure it works fine if you want it to look like that.

Yeah i've got access to one but i kinda like that look. Mines gonna be a little higher up and it's gonna have a different bumper. Also does anyone know the rules about bullbars? Like how far it can go out?

It goes wherever you want it to really. I made mine so it's the same as the approach angle.

Yeah would the point hurt my approach though?

No it would not hurt your approach however I would not do it for a number of reasons. First it can be dangerous to the other people on the trail with you. Second you are somewhat defeating the purpose of a stinger which is to prevent an endo and instead roll you onto the side. With a point it is much more likely to keep rolling over itself instead of pitching the vehicle to the side because of a rounded contact point. Lastly, IMO it is ugly and looks like a hack job.

Colin, dead thread revival here, I'm curious how the fairlead hooks to place. If your drunk ass remembers I called you on Saturday when you were in Havascrew and I had torn down my M8000 winch to eye up how I am going to work this into my grill. My winch has no place to mount the fairlead, it was fastened to the receiver mount. Does yours mount to the bumper or the winch?

I pulled all connector off the top of the winch and I plan on hard wiring it under my hood (read-gangsta pimp style) and I think I'm just going to wire in the switch to my dash instead of having to dig out the controller (2 switches, 1 toggle for in/out, 1 on/off so stupid noobs don't start spooling my winch out when they're pressing buttons). Only issue is my fairlead. I need to figure out how to get that out past my lights and I'm also thinking of running a synthetic rope (the whole setup in the basket before was probably close to 60 lbs, just the winch with no controls, cable or basket is probably only like 20 lbs. If I run rope instead of cable the fairlead is much smaller and easier to hide in place as well. I'm thinking it will be about 90% hidden.

I've got something similar to this that my winch is mounted on, on top of the 'bumper'.


that Winter made or did you buy that part?

It actually came with those 2 bumpers that Winter got for Paul's. Since they only needed one, I got one from them. So....bought.

They are something like $50 for that stupid thing though. Maybe the amazingly great Craig will have some on his list in AZ? :)