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From clunker to cruiser: 93 Sport 4x4

From clunker to cruiser: 93 Sport 4x4 (UPDATE 2/21/11)

Update: As I do more stuff and take it more places I'll keep uploading pics. See last page for newest!
Last update: 5/9/2011


Now with DIY Cherokee Sport fender flares
BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO's


Flares from another angle


FORD raptor Inspired front letter emblems


Side view

Hey guys! I'm happy to make my first post with pictures. I got the truck early in December and since then it's udergone quite a few changes.

Complete rehab of interior:
New door panels, new doors, new headliner and sunvisors, glovebox doors and lots of upholstery cleaning, new tailgate panel

Exterior rehab:
Added brush/tail lamp guards, overhead lighting
PIAA H3 driving lamps, HID headlamps
New paint
New hood and doors
New aftermarket ebay headlamps
LED exterior lighting
Silverstar backup lamps
new taillamps
new Motorcraft Sport shocks
15x10 aluminum 8-hole wheels on 31-10.5-15s
Stock ride height 8)
Milemarker 428 manual locking hubs

Engine rehab: seafoam, oil change to mobil one and mobil one filter, new intake hose, new air filter, new muffler.





So this is the after... Here's before.
Day 01:

Day 02:

Day 03:

Day 04:


Now the dents are fixed, 4wd works great and the engine runs strong, smooth and quiet.
New headlights and taillamps are next along with HID converting the PIAA's.

Anyways, my Ex has come a long way in a short time.
I'm going for more of a Range Rover look, though the Jurassic Park thing seems to be the #1 comment.

Glad to be a part of the Ex community.

I got my Ex to replace my ailing 1994 Ranger (the ghost on TRS).

I'm from SoCal and I'd love to be involved with some group outings!

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love it! Are you going to lift it more in the future? I think it would look great with some big meats and black wheels.

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what brand of brush guard is that and are those 2nd Gen taillight guards?
I am looking for a set for my 94 but might be thinking about making my own.

i seen those headlights on ebay , how well do they work ? , pics of mine are in my registry its similar to yours , lokking good btw

SA-WEET....Job....I really like it.

You just had to make me drool this morning didn't you.Seriously, fantastic job. Looks great.You can be proud of your Ex and your work.ENJOY!

I heart my ex.

To answer the questions above: The brush guard and taillamp guards must have been some sort of dealer aceessory as I've found this exact brush guard several times at the junkyard and the tail lamp guards were from the same manufacturer. Since I score nearly everything used, I have no idea who made these. I got the brush guard, tail guards and front PIAAs for just $80 on craigslist and the wheels were $320, $100 for the 15x10s ( found em 2hrs away in the desert) and the 31s were $160.

The new stuff on the car is all mechanical.
I took the ex to the snow today and I'm going back tomorrow.

My ex is like KFI: More southern california than surfing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon!





Thanks for the compliments guys!

On CA-39 up San Gabriel Canyon. Flurries started at the 2000ft mark at about noon.


Mtn High last weekend


Another pic from Holy Jim


Also Mtn High


Quick update: HID overhead light conversion done

sweet x how many k r ur hids

Primary headlamps: 6000k HID
PIAA Center Aux Lamps: 4300k HID
Overhead lamps: 6000k HID

FYI: 4300k = most visible light output

Converted my overhead lamps to HID finally and wired up the overheads properly.

I put them together using a set of ballasts and spare 9006 HID 6000k bulbs, some $20 Pilot Off Road Rally driving lamps with the grating cut out and a 1" hole drilled dead center in the back. I used the grommet on the HID bulbs to seal the back. The lights themselves look pretty good IMO, but I havent yet figured out a better way to hide the ballasts.

I also changed my steering wheel emblem to a block letter FORD emblem I found, and mounted the switch for the aux lamps in the dash and also changed the rear explorer badge back to an early style Explorer badge sprayed black with a black "V6 H.O" badge from a grand am that matches the font pretty well.




HIDs in headlamps and overheads are both 6000k.

Long distange vision is improved.

Also painted my leafs, diffs and all rusty visible suspension components with rustoleum satin black after a powerwash.

Changed oil to Castrol Edge full syn and a k&n oil filter that I primed with oil before installing and also flushed the oil system with a little bit of clean oil to clear any remaining old oil. Engine runs FAR smoother.

Need to redo the suspension bushings and ball joints. What's the best deal for suspension rebuild parts?

Thats all for now.

Nice! Like that color, the srtip pops of the green. nice job....




Some more glamour shots abroad!

Note the black FORD and red 4wd on the grill!


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LOL most people wash their car after they take it wheeling not before, nice rig tho