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Front 01 Sport lowering


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January 9, 2003
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2001 Explorer Sport
I have done the torsion twist(well actually just removed them and added 2 inch block sto the rear....nice look....i am adding 3 inch blocks tomorrow and was wondering is there any way to lower the front any more? What will i need to do this? Thanks in advance!

There was a guy who did this before, I know you need to flip the torsion bar adjuster, but from what I heard it will really ride like poop.

other than airbags, no. you can get it lower, but the ride is unbearable and it will chew through tires in a couple of months. alignment can not be fixed without big $$$.

BTW- i was "that guy". :p

Thanks for the info. I took out the 2 inch blocks in the rear and put in 3inch blocks. The top part of the tires are now covered just a little tiny bit. When i put my 20's back on it will look really good. Everything is nice and flush no gap anywhere at all now. Thanks!