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Front Brake Kits


May 11, 2014
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New Mexico
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2005 Ford Explorer
Hi Everyone,

I did not want to hijack this thread in the forum: Brake pad and rotor recommendation? So I thought I would post my question in a separate thread.

I have a 2005 Explorer coming up on a front brake job. It is a daily driver and not used off road nor do I tow with it. I have been looking at front brake kits with ceramic pads as I have used ceramic pads in the past and like how quiet they are. I am also not looking to break the bank in terms of price. I found this kit on 1Aauto. 2002-05 Brake Kit Nakamoto CD833, 54094 - 1ABFS01205 at 1A

I have looked on Amazon with the choices get a little overwhelming. Would anyone else have any other recommendations?