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front brake squeal!


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October 15, 2000
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94 XLT 4 door
My front brakes are squealing really bad. I tried some brake cleaner that claimed to eliminate brake squealing. It worked for about an hour, then the problem came back worse. What causes brake squeal? Is it brake dust, or is it just cheap or worn out pads? I have no idea what pads are on there now. I thought they'd last a little longer than one year. Any pads out there that won't squeal with the stock rotors? Thanks

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I have the same problem ever since my parents bought it last May. I took it to Merchant's Tires for a brake inspection and they told me that I need some new pads for my rear discs and the fronts are fine. I told them that my fronts are squealing very bad when I brake. They said that they're fine. So now I just ignore it. I know it's ear piercing and annoying but I need to live with it.

I never had squeal on my 94 XLT 4by. I ran Autozone middle of the road pads and was fine. Now I'm running Bendix. I've seen where the outside edge of the face of the rotors (where the pads don't touch) gets a build up of rust and causes this. If that were your case, try taking your angle grinder carefully along that raised lip to bring it back down. That helped on a relative's 99 F150.

Originally posted by Stephen
Ford pads squeal like hell. Next brake job you get done have some quality pads installed (Raybestos etc).

Thanks Stephen, I'll get some quality pads when I get the money. I still haven't changed the pads in the rear yet. I'm pretty broke right now. Dead Link Removed Anyways, thanks for the advice.