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Front brake upgrade

99% sure. I was 100% until you questioned me. I actually have a 04 aviator on my lift right now at the shop, I'll double check in the am lol.

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How similar are the 3rd gen rear brakes and suspensions, to the 4th gen parts? I'm wondering about what the big changes Ford made to the chassis' were? The bodies seem very similar in dimensions.

Now that you mention it the aviator rear stuff won't swap over to 06+ trucks. 02-05 run upper and lower control arms and 06-10 run a trailing arm setup with mini links for arms.

Thanks for the reply everyone.

Steel knuckle like I thought. Just posting for future reference.



All of the arms are steel except the upper arm, it's aluminum. All arms / brake caliper is the same between aviator and explorer / mountaineer. The only difference is the knuckles.

Now that you mention it the aviator rear stuff won't swap over to 06+ trucks. 02-05 run upper and lower control arms and 06-10 run a trailing arm setup with mini links for arms.
Yes I was going to say this. The way the rear suspension attaches to the knuckles is very different between the 3rd and 4th gen. I ran into it when I was doing a lot of research on what it'd take me to pull the rear knuckles to have the wheel bearings pressed out and even though almost all the videos and documents out there lump the 3rd and 4th gens together the rear suspension configuration is different.

Hi guys, John here, this is my second post but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been around here lurking for a while. So about two years ago I saw a supercharged STA video on YouTube and started think how neat it would be to build an all wheel drive 'Stang Killer. You can stop laughing now! It would take way more than any built 4.6 or blown 5.4, even the 5.0 Coyote started to sound good.


Hold up I’m getting a head of myself. It took me about two months to find my STA and it was in Illinois and had just been shipped from Florida by the original owner to sell. Full load NAV, no rust, I don’t think it ever had any thing in the bed. By the way, this is a US truck, not a Canadian import like the majority them for sale.

54k sure drives nice. So to start the project, to go fast, you need to be able to stop, and this thread gave some great information. Well straight to the point.
The Aviator knuckle is half the weight of the Sport Trac iron one but when you add 60 lbs of rotor, caliper, and pads, I came out at net 0 same 70 lbs.



Billet front radial caliper mount, full billet rear knuckle.



You can follow my slow development.

OK OK... need more info! specs on those front calipers???.... and is that an illusion or do you have half an explorer back frame to mock up rear brakes? awesome...

That's a sick-ass truck. God how I want one. ;)

Yes that’s the rear 2010 st, it makes things much easier for mock up the diff,billet rear latral links and radius arms. The diff is a 2018 GT350R with track pack oil cooler and 3.73 Torsen. The rear cover fit in the stock location just about an inch and a half to low so the bushings need to move up or just machine a new rear cover it’s a 8.8 nodular iron case 130ish lbs nothing the same as the stock aluminum case pluse the stock case is good for only 500ish and 450 toque I’d like to all most double that. I’ll use the jig for set up on the pinon angle,half shaft bar length,e brake cables. Than with all the mock up done in to into the Red headed girl friend, as my wife calls her. With the least amount of down time. Just a tease any one look in the back ground? More picks of the rear up right and some front brake pic




Some front brake pics. The answer to the question 06bluez 2015 -19 GT350R, The fronts are 15.5” with 6 piston brembos rears are 15” 4 pistons and of corse massive pads, I have a 2014 E350 van with 2015 F350 axle in it and the mustang pads are bigger than the truck pads. The first pic is my 2010 stock rotors and the mustang one.







Oh yah’ I changed out the front wheel studs from the 1/2 inch to 14mm 1.5 race studs.

i know i would love to be able to make an explorer Adrenalin but we still cant even lower one

Yes the stock master, booster and, ABS are still in the truck for now Not because it works better only that I have stages of modifications in some order base on a tight free time schedule. I started with the brakes only because the stock brakes are so inadequate for even a daily driver not to mention at a modified power level say 800+AWD HP. not a pipe dream. I’ve been driving it for a year now “just an observation “ It has endless brakes to me, it’s like a volume control the more you push the more it stops + as the pads heat up it make me chuckle we have a 300’ ish foot off ramp down hill and it tees into a no run off cross street. I find my self accelerating as hard as truck will go on the freeway over a 100 many times just to feel the down hill stopping force wife and kids NOT included. To add to your question my daughter has mentioned that she doesn’t like my brakes she has to push harder then her 06 vw bug or mamas ml350, she’s 16 years old.?

I'm sure we are all interested in how the build is going. Can you please give us all an update?