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Front brush guard bumper


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January 28, 2013
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La Habra California
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94 EX, 86 Ranger
I just bought a Waag brush/cattle guard that mounts over the stock bumper for my Ex he said it was for a mid 90s but I tried it on my 94 and no go and then i tried it on my 01 and also no go I'm thinking i might fit the third gen but i don't no if any one can help that would be great thanks ill add some pics really soon

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The 01 has a different bumper than the 95-98. Maybe it's for early second gens.

oh no that's right crap so he was right about the mid 90s

here the bumper it came with mounts and brake light grills to they to also don't fit my 94 or my 01 EXs


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here the front bumper mounts and the rear brake light grills. Same with the front bumper the rear brake light grills also don't fit my 1994 Ex or my 2001 EX so this also make me think it for a new EX but what years


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Maybe he was wrong and the came off some thing bigger like a Expedition or something like that

Those look like durango parts , not ford at all . But I could be wrong , have been before lol..

Looks like 2nd gen 95-2000.

I just bought a brush gaurd that looks like that for my 94 explorer I have been on the road so haven't put it on yet I bought mine new! I hope mine fits I'm going to try to put it on next Friday