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Front Bumper Alignment


February 11, 2018
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St. Louis
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1999 Explorer Eddie Bauer
So, I am replacing my totally messed up bumper with a less messed up bumper. I got it all mounted up, in the process all kinds of spacers/shims from the two vehicles were left over. It started raining and I didn't want to screw with it any more in the rain. The left right/ up down adjustment is pretty self explanatory given the elongated holes in the bumper and the frame. However the bumper is tilted. The front of it is higher than the parts that wrap around causing a gap near the wheels and fog lights that point skyward. I assume some of the spacers that I have in hand help align the bumper.

Anybody know of a good forum thread or youtube walk through?

post a picture up. someone here more then likely can walk you through it

Hey, Geo. Did you ever get this sorted out? I'm dealing with the same issue right now.