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front bumper plans


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January 19, 2005
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Clemson, South Carolina
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'99 Sport 4x4
hey yall i am looking to get a custom front bumper built for my X. i have looked all around on the site and have seen lots of pictures of completed products and what not, but i was wondering if anybody has plans drawn up that they are willing to share. this would be really great because i dont know the first thing about making a bumper let alone a strong one.



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alot of bumpers made are done in situation, so detailed plans aren't really common.

o well

here is what i did but im a 91. dont know if it will help u out if u need anything else ill try to help u out

Just like Ryland said, it's really not a set design like you'll see for a jeep product line since we have explorers. I've made a couple of bumpers and i'm working on some now, but it's nothing that i'm duplicating, it's kind of fly by to see what's going to work out the best, especially with each vehicle being different in terms of lift and body style.