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Front bumper removal


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February 7, 2020
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1997 Ford Explorer XL 4WD
I'm having trouble removing the front bumper to get to the front drivers side fender. The fender is bent and I dont have the proper tools to move it.
I know there is bolts underneath the hood to get them " moving." This is the part that I am not to sure about and seems forgein to me. Do you move the bolts up or down when removing it or do you have to looseing them?
What size will I need of socket and racket plus what tools will I need as well. Its a 97 ford explorer.

Not exactly clear as to what you are trying to accomplish. The front bumper is pretty easy to remove. There are four 18 mm nuts that hold it on. I'd have a wrench and deep socket w/extension on hand and see which works best for you. Probably easier to reach if you remove the plastic splash shield under the radiator. That's held on by four 10 mm bolts.

As for the fender, there are four 8 mm bolts on top and at least one in the door jamb area. There is a little room for adjustment by loosening those...but, if you're looking to remove the fender, there are a couple brackets inside the engine bay that attach to the fender; as well as the screws that hold the inner fender liner to the fender. I'm sure there are a couple more mtg bolts behind the header panel and down on the bottom.