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Front caliper pins.


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September 2, 2011
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Red Loctite is considered "permanent" and usually requires a torch to soften it to remove bolts in the future. If you use blue Loctite and torque the bolts to 35 FP, they're not going to loosen up on you. Red Loctite is okay for the caliper mounting bolts, but uncessary for caliper bolts.

I always clean, inspect and grease my caliper pins. Removing the rubber seals is super easy to do and unless they're cracked/dry rotted wont hurt them. Stuck and worn out caliper pins are the primary reason for uneven brake pad wear.


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June 17, 2004
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98 Limited AWD
People opening up the caliper pins and handling the pins with dirty hands is a source of pin/grease failure. If you take those tiny bolts off, you better have perfectly clean hands. Who does? That's why I usually leave the calipers assembled, never touching the pin/bolts. The grease inside is very good and will last many many years, when the boots keep it sealed inside.

I've got to work on my newest 98 Explorer in the next couple of days. Changing the hubs, axles, and brakes, for a vehicle I know nothing about past service, I'll need to R&R the caliper pins to be sure the parts/grease are in good condition. Once I've done that this time, I won't waste time with those caliper pins for a long long time, simply checking the boots is super easy.