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front clip question ???


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September 1, 2008
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Philadelphia Airport, PA
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2005 V6 Silver XLT
Whats up boys ????

i have a 2003 XLS, and i was wondering if i could swap my FULL PLASTIC BUMPER for one of these BUMPERS ?????

the reason im asking is because i would like to put a billet grille on my x, but i think grilles on the xls bumpers are nasty... i would rather have atleast the 1/2 paint bumper minus the fogs...

and if this can not be done, then im going to paint my bumpers and wheel well trim all black... i could live with that i guess...

heres what i have...

and heres what i want...

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should just be 4 bolts. The body panels didn't change, just the bumper, so i'd imagine a straight swap.


It would likely fit... However, the small piece of trim on the XLT bumper, that is not on the XLS bumper might leave a gap between the body and the bumper. And there will be holes in the XLT bumper where the trim pieces go.

I'm getting rid of my front bumper for this:

Hoping to fit my winch to it as well - won't know until it arrives in a few months though!

wow where is that bumper from JCUZ i want it but in black. what around gonna do with your old nudge bar?

wow where is that bumper from JCUZ i want it but in black. what around gonna do with your old nudge bar?

An australian company called ECB makes them. It will replace my nudge bar. I am going to paint the flat part of the bar metallic grey to match the flares and side trim. I don't get it for a few months; I bought it interstate, and friends of mine will deliver it when they come down in July.

exactly where can i get one? how much? what does it weigh? is there a winch mount on the bumper or are you gonna use your original mount