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Front Components - 3rd Gen


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September 1, 2008
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Philadelphia Airport, PA
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2005 V6 Silver XLT
Hey Fella's

I have been considering getting a set of Alpine or Kenwood Excelon Components for the front doors in my X. Currently im running some 75w RMS Kenwood 5x7's front / rear in my X, but im getting a little tired of hearing the music coming from my feet if that makes sense...

* speakers are currently being pushed by KENWOOD EXCELON XR-4S Amp.

Can I just run a set of component speakers up front in my X, and still keep my current 5x7's in the rear ? also can i run more power to the front speakers while keeping my current settings going to my rear speakers ?

A good way to bring the imaging up is to mount the tweeters in the a-pillars. I did that in my minitruck and sounds great!

Yes you can run whatever, where ever. What are the specs of the amp? I'm assuming it's a 4 channel. There is no way to up the power to the front unless you get a 2-ohm speaker or get a different amp.

Are you just wanting to make the music sound like it is coming more from the front? Cause a way you can do that is to turn the gain down on the amp to the rear speakers.

I just want to raise the sound stage in the front of my X... just hearing my music coming from below me is getting old lol...

This is how my a-pillars look in my Toyota minitruck...


Makes a huge difference in the sound.