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front dome light wont work


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July 11, 2007
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Hi..........i have a 97 explorer, the front dome light wont work , even the front door lights wont come on when i open the door, i can roll the inside light knob on the dash board all the way up and only the rear dome light will come on. I can push the buttons on the middle dome light and they will work, but nothing on the ront dome light or the door lights. Any suggestions?

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"looking at bulbs" is like looking at a woman, she might look ok but when you get down to it, she turns out to be no good. Get a meter and check the bulbs and check for voltage at the sockets. The dome light switches don't use the same voltage source (and bulbs) as the courtesy light.

I have a simalar problem but my front dome lights stay off unless I have the buttons pushed on the dome and ether the dome switch on the dash on or the doors open any clues?