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Front Driver and Passanger Seat Question


April 13, 2008
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Fergus Falls, MN
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97 XLT
Hello Everyone:

I have a two part question. T he first question is this. The driverside seat reclining lever has been broken off. Is there a way to replace that, without replacing the seat? If so, does anyone have a part number and a link to a guide that shows you how to replace it?

The second question that i have, is that on both front seats, the plastic side piece has broken off, and is hanging down. IS there a way to replace this plastic piece? Again, the same question would be, does anyone know where I can a replacement piece, and if there is a part number for it?

THanks in advance!

I think that the reclining latch part of the seat can be replaced, just not the handle itself. Mine broke off, but I just made another handle, and drilled and tapped the handle to the metal tabs that held the original.

Those plastic pieces are commonly broke by sliding out of the seat and hitting them repeatedly. You best bet for those is to call a junkyard.

nice seat lever that you made out of angled pc of metal & shorter to prevent tearing of jeans & flesh