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Front Driver window shorted out.


April 16, 2009
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Eastpointe, MI
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1995 Explorer Sport 4 dr
A few weeks ago I had my door panel off with everything unplugged. I think I arced some wires between my fuse box and door. When I got the truck the heater was hot wired to the fuse block on the side of the IP. So their is a wire stuck in one of the fuses. Now the driver window does not work. All the other windows are not affected.

Is there a single fuse or relay that controls just the drivers window?

I tried swapping out the "power windows" and "one touch" relays under the IP without any luck. I did notice that they click when I push the button on the driver window. They do not click when I try the front passenger window "it rolls down".

Maybe I shorted something in the door? I do have another drivers door that I need to put on. The harness plug to the door is in that cylinder thing in the jam right?