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Front end alignment issue.


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October 22, 2010
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1993 Sport
Finally registered with the site. I have search your forums quite a bit for some very useful information in the past so I figured I had might as well join the site. Looking for help with front end alignment issues. Driver's side tire has major negative camber and passenger side is bad also. Have had people at repair shops tell me lots of different things need to be replaced(springs,bearings,radius bushings, etc) I have jacked the thing up and front end does'nt seem to have excessive play. Any ideas? Winter is coming and new tires are due but not until front end is fixed.:eek:

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Welcome to the forum! I'd suggest you head on over to the 91-94 Explorer Section!

I'll try the 1st gen area. I have searched there before but to get rid of the New Member window, had to post here. Thank you for the redirect

No problem. The first gen people will know how to help you out, and a thread will be more visible to them there than here.