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Front end cluck


December 24, 2007
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Greenville, SC
I have a 97 with AWD and 4.0 SOHC. When I go down hills and apply the brakes you hear a loud clunk, clunk. It sounds like something hitting. You can also produce the sound if you brake hard on the flat. So its from the front and louder if you load up the front. Someone said its the AWD and just disconnect the front DS and go on, but I like things that work like they suppose to. Any ideas? On the lift, you see nothing. It is not wheel bearings.

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I would make sure all of your caliper slide pins are tight, etc... Check the u-joints as well on the driveshaft as well.

And whoever told you to disconnect the front driveshaft and "go on" is probably not someone I'd listen to unless you want your truck to roll away when it's in park...

Do you also get the sound when going over large bumps that compress the speed bumps? If so, check your front stabilizer bar bushings and end-links. If these are shot, the bar can move under various loads, making creaks, groans, clunks, etc.

"Front end cluck"

Umm, I'm no expert, but I think it might be coming from the chicken you ran over a few miles back.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Yes, I know it isn't very helpful.....but it's pretty funny.

Almost guarantee its the swaybar links are shot.

If you have a 97 with a 4.0 in it then you have 4WD and not AWD. Did you mean 5.0?

If you get the same clunk going over submerged manhole cover type holes (1/2-1" below the surface) replace the swaybar body link bushings as was suggested. From the description, it sounds like it's only a braking issue though?