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Front end clunk shifting out of park


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November 7, 2017
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2017 Ford Explorer XLT
Hey y’all.....have a 2017 Explorer 4wd that at roughly 3800 miles ended up with a new oil pan gasket, crankshaft seal, axle seal (came from factory with defect). Fast forward to now with approx. 38000 miles and it has developed a severe clunk that shakes the front end when shifting from park to reverse if the truck is on the least bit of an incline either direction. Worse if the vehicle is warm, not really noticeable when it is on flat ground. Have 2013 Taurus with double the miles that I tried to replicate on and not even close.

Took it to the dealer today thinking something is just not right....told it was “normal and just set your parking brake if on an incline”. This is not a normal thud that so many vehicles do...this is a shake the front end not nice feeling. Only does it from park to reverse.



Until recently my 2017 has done the same exact thing. 37,000 on mine. I actually did start putting the parking brake on each night because the sound went right through me. I recently drained the transmission and refilled with 5 quarts of supertech Mercon LV. Hasn’t made the noise since. Not saying that the drain and refill cured it, but it’s an interesting coincidence...:oops:

Dealer was "right". My previous 2014 Explorer XLT was doing like this when it was cold. Any combination: P->R, R->N, N->D, D->N, all changes had a rough change. Took it to dealer and told me all do like that after a while. Changed the ATF oil at the dealer and didn't change much. The current 2013 Explorer XLT does the same. A little lighter, but the clunk is still there. This time, I have changed myself the ATF and it didn't change much. Same, does it when cold. When warm, the bump/clunk is softer.