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Front end making oscillation type noise.


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February 19, 2008
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94 Limited Edition
I just got my wheels balanced, but I suspect that I should rotate them. I am pretty sure that my alignment is fine since on a flat road the truck goes straight. I also notice that it seems to be taking bumps in the road a bit harder. I am pretty sure that my ball joints are fine as there is no play in them that I could find. I am wondering if the kid that did the balancing didnt do a great job or if my tires really need to be rotated.

Any ideas?

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:wtf:?? This doesnt make any sense at all.

Shocks can also give those symptoms, I would check for cupping on the front tires to see if things are wearing improperly.

Just becuase your truck drives straight doesn't mean the alignment is correct, it could mean that both sides are off by the same amount in opposite directions which would cause it to pull straight. The only way to tell is to read your tire wear, or have it checked professionally. My truck drove straight when I first bought it, however after about 2000 miles the front tires started to cup, so I broke out the alignment gear and rotated the tires, now my fronts are wearing perfect and my truck still drives straight.

my truck feels like its nice and alighned and my tires are wearing great. theres about 3000-4000 miles on them, but i also get a decent vibration at highway speeds

Wheel balance doesnt have any effect on how hard the vehicle takes bumps.

Have you checked your wheels to make sure you don't have a defect or bent wheel, have someone look at them from another car to make sure they are running true. Then do the same at highway speed to see if they can note any odd vibration or behavior on any of the wheels.

When was the last time you replaced the shocks?

Crazy thought, but check the air pressure in your tires, if your tires were just balanced the shop may have adjusted the air pressure to whatever spec they thought was correct, if the tires are over inflated you will have a rough ride.