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Front end sag on 2wd


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April 26, 2000
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'93 Sport
I have a '93 explorer sport 2wd and the shocks and springs have never been replaced. The problem is that the front end is drooping down at least an inch and a half. I've seen this problem on other explorer sports but some others are completely level. I just ordered four rancho rs5000's in hopes it will level things out so that I can fit 30x9.50 bfg at's without rubbing the front fenders. Does anyone know what is causing the sag? It makes my explorer look run-down even though it has only 65,000 miles. thanks

1993 Explorer Sport 4x2
4.0 L. V6 3.73 gears
2.5" pipes w/flowmaster
Pioneer sound sys.
235/75 AT's

The front end sag is due to the coil springs setteling. This is common for Rangers and Explorers. The shocks will do nothing for the ride height. They are only to control the rebound of the front suspension so you can maintain control of the vehicle. Your best bet is a set of replacement front coils. There are several manufacturers that make replacement coils in stock height or 1"-1.5" lift.