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Front End Shaking


November 25, 2006
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Alexandria, VA
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2000 XLT V8 5.0
Hello everyone,

I recently rebuilt my front end with help from this website. I did both ball joints, inner and outer tie rods,both wheel hub assemblies, sway bar links and bushings, and shocks all around.

I got an alignment done afterward and noticed a little bit of shaking coming from the front passenger side when I got over 60 mph. I checked the lug nuts and found some loose, I approached the mechanic who did the alignment and he assured me he didn't loosen them. This has not been an issue since but just wanted to note this in case this could cause some problems.

I took it back and got all the wheels balanced and still didn't notice a difference.

Can you all point me in the right direction of what to check for?


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maybe warped rotors? my rotors are crazy warped and im sure it is causing my high speed shake

That could be, will warped rotors cause this even if im not braking?

possibly warped hub assemblies?

I purchased new Timkens (considered the best) last year and one was ridiculously warped (runout was .06" when spec is .003" warped. It was exchanged for a properly built hub. You can acquire a dial indicator from someone like Harbor Freight for a few bucks.

OK, is it difficult to use the dial indicator?

not at all.

Here is a link to one at Harbor Freight (tho they claim they are on backorder)

Look at the picture on the page of the magnetic mount for how it can be implemented. How the device works is the long pointy rod compresses into the body and the dial rotates as it changes. You can read up on the tool with a google search. You'll find it a useful tool making lots of measurements in your rig if you plan to DYI.

Measure the "runout" of the hub assembly "just outboard of the lug bolts where there is a flat surface. This will take any brake disk warp out of the measurement. You can use the same tool for measuring brake disk warpage too.

Thanks for that info, I will check out my local places and see if they have one to loan out.