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Front end squeak?


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September 28, 2000
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1995 4DR XLT 4X4
I've search over the last few days with no luck.

I beleive its in the front end, the wife isn't to happy with the idea of hanging out to find the sound & refuses to drive while I do...( maybe I should not have mentioned that first I wanted to lay on the creeper while she drove)

Usually I have the windows up and the radio up loud, so I don't know how long I've had it.

At first I noticed it because my window was down and I drove down a small street with the sound bouncing back to me in the truck. Ithought it was a siren, not really loud inside (window down) but everyone looks to see as I drive by. It doesn't increase or decrease with speed, sounds loud when I'm moving slow or at alittle speed, goes away when I stop and starts again when I do. As I go faster I think it may go away but then again my Flowmaster & Tires may just be drownding it out.

It sounds like a siren or a bird or the ever faithfull headboard creeking well everyone knows that sound!!!

Any & all ideas are welcomed !

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try rocking your truck side to side.... my a-arm bushings squeak really loud on my driver side. IT is super annoying.

Check to see if you get a squeak when turning the steering wheel lock to lock while standing still. If so, the problem is ball joints which I just had replaced for exactly the same issues. If not noise when turnin the wheels then the bushings are your issue. Both seem to be common complaints with X's.

hi i own a 98x and mine was squeeking from front end aswell, the problem with mine was the dust covers on the inside of the wheels were missing, probably taken off by the previous owner.i had them replaced and the squeek instantly disapeared,the squeek was driving me up the wall and after taking it back to the place i bought it 6 times and having them tell me there was nothing wrong i threated them with action and they finally got under there to have a look, the squeek you describe sounds exactly like the one i had, hope this helps.

yeah i also got a ball joint that sqeaks ass i turn the wheel. it idnt bad yet, it is still really firm and has no play it just sqeaks.

I had the same thing with my a-arm bushings. Started happening this winter when it got cold. I crawled under with a can of WD40 and gave them a squirt, and it has since gone away.

I've recently had my ball joints replace 7-9 months ago. I hope they didn't go bad again.
I'll try and WD the A-arm bushings. When I rock her there is no sound.
I just don't want to cause major damage so I've been running afriends truck that I'm trying to sell.
When I turn its the same.

hi alto, its squeeking when you are just driving normally,, right? like when the wheels are turning around?? check to see if the dust covers that go around the CVs on the inside of your front wheels are worn or even there!if there is a gap between the CV and the wheel it means there missing, its like a big washer that go,s around the out side of the CV joint. as i said before my x was making the same noise until i had them replaced.

Thanks still have the problem I'll check the CV's.

I used to have alot of free time, now with my Daughter where does the time go???

Alto said:
I used to have alot of free time, now with my Daughter where does the time go???

haha, i know what you are talking about.. i bought an xbox to play and kill time when my duaghter sleeps... well she doesnt really sleep and i havent played it for a couple weeks... my little girl is not even 2 weeks old....

anywyas as for the sound.... you said its liek a howling noise? do you have an aftermarket air fliter or a kkm type?have you checked for vacuum leaks?