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front hubs bearing ?


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January 11, 2013
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2007 mountaineer prem
Have an 07 mountaineer premier awd 4.6l with about 70000 miles. I am starting to get some noise in the front like a bad or worn out tire. I am thinking the front bearing are starting to go bad. The front end is tight just had it aligned and new tires put on. The noise was there with the old tires to. I thought it was the tires since they where pretty worn. The tech said the bearings where tight so no slop. Some roads I notice the noise more some less. When I swerve it will get louder or go away. One way it gets louder the other way it pretty much goes away.

So will a bearing make noise if it is tight??

Then what brand of hubs last longer? Motorcraft, moog, timken, national, gmb. I don't want to change them every 10000 miles. My local parts store carries precision for 340 each ouch. Been looking on ebay. I seen a pair on ebay for 100. shipped I am guessing cheap junk that will just need replaced.

In the motorcraft I see a hub 29 and a hub 67 what the difference??

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I had the same noise and it would change whenever I changed lanes or made a turn either direction. Turns out both front bearings were worn. After I had them changed, no more noise.

mes882 -

Use Motorcraft Hub29 (what will come up when you search for part), or Hub67 (cheaper, still fit mine).
They are made by Timken I believe. Do not use anything else or you'll be doing it again very soon. I used some cheap Chinese hub once on mine and it lasted few days.
The job is pretty simple, about an hour.

Parts stores wonder why people are buying parts online. hmm 340 at the store 550ish list. or 200 on the internet. So is the Motorcraft one the same as the Timken?? Just a different box with a different name?? Any one know for sure?? If so might as well save that extra 50 bucks.

Moog 180
timken 170
motorcraft hub 29 230

My experience, and according to a mechanic friend, is that the fail bearing does not necessary make the wheel "loose" when "jiggle". Everything could be tight but the noise will drive you nuts.

I got my Timken from Rockauto (make sure you get the 5% discount code to save $). My right side was going bad just after 60k but I replace both sides. From what I read so far, it seems like when one failed, the other side is not too far behind on going bad. The right side seized up and was a PITA to take it out, probably because I neglect the problem too long.

Here is what I think is a little weird. After the alignment the noise is quieter. I am guessing because they pulled the wheel out some. My camber was a -1.3. He set it at -0.22. I assuming that changed how the pressure is on the bearing. Which made it quieter. Glad it did not make it worse. I still get some noise and vibration in the gas pedal. It is worse on a left turn.