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front lift


April 10, 2013
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ok i have done the soa in the rear and am going to tear the front apart saturday so what are the best ways to get it to about 6-8 inches of lift. no sas at the moment. i have the 4-6 inch radius arm drop brackets and pitman arm and what not would i be able to put a 6 or 8 inch coil in there with new shocks.

and i have manual lock out in the front and want to do a 1 inch wheel spacer. will it work or not.

At a minimum, you'll want/need the 5.5" TTB drop brackets, 5-6" lift coils, plus the pitman arm with the most drop for 6-8" lift.

You can use radius arm drop brackets for 5-6" of lift, but after that you really should be using longer radius arms and the crossmember/brackets for them.

If you've only done a SOA in the rear and there are no lift blocks making it higher, then you just need to do the 5-6" lift on the TTB in front.

An 8 inch lift or so would require some custom work, or at least modifying the 5-6" lift parts, at least to do it right. You could probably cram 8 inch coils in the front and use 2 inch lift blocks in the rear, but there would be little point and even less benefit.

The only reason to go so high is to fit really big tires, and 35's already fit ok with a 5-6" lift. Generally a small body lift or even just fender trimming can work to clear 35's if there are such issues with the 5-6" lift by itself.

Keep in mind, if you're going that big, what you REALLY need is lower gears. You should get at least 4.88 gears for using 35's off road, but even for driving around, 4.56's are needed. Sticking big tires on there with stock 3.27/3.73 gears is a good way to need a new transmission.