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Front Locker Performance in a 2nd Generation Explorer

Well at the web site there is a model # XD-13527B, and it says the item is on back order. I'm gonna go over to the pirate4x4 site, and see if any one can get a release date. I will not be regearing, and intalling a rear locker, only to have to disassemble and install a front one later. I guess it'll be the powertrax in that case. Oh, and there is a listing for the Detroit EZLocker on FWP's web site. It says Dana35 IFS, ABS. I have not tried to order it tho.

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A reply from (Aussie Locker)

I got a quick response from them. GOod news, but they had a question for me. Any have an answer? See below:

From: Sales <>
Date: Tue Mar 22, 2005 07:26:07 America/New_York
To: John Resciniti <>
Subject: Re: Explorer/Ranger D35 IFS/ABS

Hi John. The first shipment will leave Australia in about two week, and then a very large shipment about two weeks after that. We are very excited about the new models and look forward to opening our web site for orders in about 10 days. A question on your Explorer, what year is it? We ask because there has been an ongoing discussion with engineering about a smaller D35 diff used in Explorers for possibly two years. We have talked to Dana/Spicer and others in the market and cannot seem to find any data about that.

Thanks for your interest in the Aussie Locker.

----- Original Message ----- From: "John Resciniti" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 9:43 PM
Subject: Explorer/Ranger D35 IFS/ABS

Please tell me that your locker for the D35 IFS/ABS axle will be available soon. Your website says "on backorder" but I don't think it's even been out yet. Model # XD-13527B is what you have on your site. I'm really interested in your ford 8.8 one, but I'm re-gearing and want to install front and rear lockers at the same time. Any info as to a release date would be appreciated. Thank you,

John W. Resciniti

Well if any one has an answer to that different size diff question, please post!

The guy used to work for Powertrax.. he should know the deal with the front of the Explorer. He has an Explorer! (or did back when I talked to him last). I gave him all that info way back then. I am referring to the guy who started the Aussilocker, his name is Bill something and he posts here a few times a while back under the name aussielocker. Looked promising back then but I gave up as well. Like Premier said, Powertrax gave us what we wanted and they are the only ones to have done so. They'll get my business now and in the future.

Premier, no need to get nasty. I've been going thru this site for the past 6 years. I'm finally in the need of a regear, and while I'm at it, lockers. I was doing research on every thing, from Torsen, to Powertrax, to Detroit, ARB, Aussie, OX and everything I can get my computer to find. Once I got all my **** together, I came here to get the final word. And I'm glad I did. I had not seen the thread from 2003 about Aussie. I can't believe this crap has been going for almost 2 years. I had no idea how long they'd been promising. I know that they have an 8.8 out now, but still no IFS D35. He (Bill?) sent me the same email he sent every one else "3 weeks or so."

This thread is dedicated to IFS D35 front end lockers. I was just trying to get more info, not piss any one off. By the way even tho this board for the most part has a big problem w/ Aussie (just like 4 Wheel Parts), there are lots of people that have respect for their product on the Pirate 4x4 site. OK, enough from me.

Again, I hadn't read the other post regarding Aussie. That's why I'm here, to learn. Now I know. Looks like powertrax, or Detroit for me now. Thanx,

I wasnt trying to be nasty, dont get your panties in a wad :D

I had respect for Aussie until they kept stringging our folks along. Guys on Pirate have applications that are available and widely used. They have any choice in locker. We don't. This forum doesn't have a problem with the aussielocker folks.. a few members may but not he forum as a whole. Most here probably don't even know who/what they are or that they even exist. I can't really blame the aussielocker folks for not making it.. I mean really.. I can count the number of members here with IFS rigs that have front lockers almost from memory. It isn't that many. Its just the way they have gone about leading everyone on. A simple "we have no freaking clue if it works or when it will be ready, but we will post up when its done" would have been better.
Powertrax is just the only one that actually made a product for us without telling us it would be out next week about 800 times. They did it and it works and works very well. That's why they get a lot of "respect" from members here.
I'm sure the aussielocker is a great product. They guy used to work for Powertrax as one of their engineers if I remember correctly so you know he knows how to make them. I'll just stick to Powertrax for now.

Clearly some members of this forum are upset over the long delays in bring out the Dana 35 family of lockers. We share that upset since each day that went by without them was a day we did not sell lockers to the marketplace. We do not own the Australian facility and the engineers do not work directly for us. We pay for product development and for our products, and we report the schedules we are given. We are updating our web site with corrected model numbers and we are TOLD that the first shipment of the Dana 35s leave Australia in two week, with a very large shipment in another two weeks. We are planning on opening our web site for purchases in about 10 days. With all of the Aussie Locker sold in the past two years we have only had one warranty failure due to a problem with material or workmanship, so while we have been late in getting new products out, we sure have not left our customers broken down on the side of trails due to hurrying products to the marketplace or compromising on the best quality in the industry. We did bring out the Ford 8.8 31 spline (both size cross shaft models) and have them in stock. We have asked about a smaller Dana 35 diff we kept hearing about that may have been in earlier Explorers but we were unable to get one for engineering. If someone has information on a diff like that then we would appreciate getting the information. For those we have disappointed we apologize. For those customers who will purchase our new Dana 35 models we are confident you will have the smoothest operating and most reliabile locker on the market, based not on what we say, but what our customers say.

I was kind of hoping you would read this thread and respond...
The early Explorer is a d35. Its the 95+ with IFS that have the d35 variant. d35 gears work, but not any lockers other than the obvious one. Its technically a Sterling van Dyke 135. The carrier is a bit different as well as the housing.. apparently enough to make most d35 stuff not work. From what I recall you have an Explorer. I seem to recall you driving it at Paragon so I assume it was a 4x4. If not, I'm sure there are a few folks here that would be more than willing to let you use their IFS diff for engineering purposes. If shipping wouldn't kill it I would send you mine since it is sitting on the garage floor collecting dust. I don't even want the locker but I know a bunch of folks here that would or will in the future.
There aren't a ton of late model Explorer folks that wheel the piss out of their rigs, but those that do have only one choice right now unless they want to SAS. I also have been watching how many more members are beginning to wheel their 2nd gens now than ever before. That number is going to only go up so a market is there.
Thanks for replying and still reading the forum here.

Premier: Yeah, yeah, panties in a bunch. I could just "hear" the disappointment in your words. I'm sorry your experience w/ Aussie was not good.

I'm glad to see that there still is an interest in these things though! I'm really glad that we're finally getting some where too.

AussieLocker, thanx for the response. My mind is almost made up. We'll see what happens in the next month or so.

I was searching for a select-able front locker when I stumbled upon this old thread. ...... Hopefully some of these older members are still around!

I have ran a Front D35 Lockrite with the front disco axle, and the relay switch for years. Steering has always been a fight when engaged. Sometimes, I can't get the wheels turned past straight, and have no choice but to disconnect the axle. This has always bugged me about this mod. Pro's have outweighed the con's tho, and it has stayed. I planned on changing it out hoping one day a better select-able locker would be made. E-lockers are out there, but everything I read, says they are too weak and fail off road.

Anyways, Things have evolved over the years, and an Atlas 4.3 is being installed. I am installing a new clutch now, and the M5R1 is dropped and rig on stands. I spun the drivers tire, and the locker is engaged as the dif yolk spins, no matter the tire rotation direction. Hmm.... This worries me with the Atlas install.

So if the front drive shaft has been turning while in 2wd with the 1354M, I haven't really noticed it. I wonder if this will be a problem for the new Atlas in 2wd on the street ??????

Reason I am asking here, is there are a few members with 2nd gens, a front lunchbox, and an Atlas combo.

I wouldn't imagine it being a problem. The Atlas is a dual stick t/c so if that front drive shaft is turning, it's only turning the input, not much if anything inside.