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Front Plate Bracket, Watch Out!


April 13, 2011
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2011 XLT 202A
I decided to remove the Front License Holder. I did this for 2 reasons. Here in Ohio the front plate is still required ( it's Ohio, it figures ) I hate the look and have never used them and so far have never been pulled over for it. Also, wanted to wax behind it.

Well, I pulled it away from the Bumper far enough that I could snip the plastic clips. After getting it off I noticed 2 little chips in the paint. After wondering a bit If I did it, I realized that the lag screws they used to attach the plate were too long and went through the holder and into the bumper/paint. The screws have very sharp points.

I don't know who provides the screws but the Dealer had to have done this because they had attached their Dealer logo plate ( haven't got mine yet )

So, before you take delivery I would check this out before this happens to your Vehicle.

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I removed my bracket as well by do the DIY someone supplied on this site. Worked like a charm and lucky for me, not even a scrape on the bumper.

When I ordered mine they asked if I wanted it...I told them NO. I hope mine comes with out one. I wont be very happy if it does considering they asked.

Can someone please tell me where the thread is to remove the front plate holder. I want to take mine off but I'm too scared I'm going to ruin the bumper. Thanks.



Thank you so much!!