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Front seat swap


November 24, 2008
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Saint Matthews, SC
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1993 Explorer
I have a 92-X with leather power front seats. They are in ruff shape and was wondering if 2nd generation front seats will fit. I located a wrecked one with power seats that are in great shape and very close to the same color. Just need to know if they will work....Thanks

That reminded me that I have a '94 Explorer Sport that I recently gave to my stepson to drive. I swapped in a pair of '88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe seats and they were a direct bolt in. They aren't power, but they are the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in. Unfortunately, he won't let me swap them into the '94 4x4 that I drive almost every day because he likes them too much. Can't say I blame him.

Thanks for the speedy reply. The truck i s in good shape; runs and drives well. All i need to do is get out the elbow grease and take off the dead paint with some rubbing compound and pick up those seats.