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Front Speed Sensor?


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April 21, 2010
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El Paso, Texas
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1994 Explorer XLT
So I'm trying to replace the ball joint on my 94 xlt 4x4, and there's this little ass 12 point bolt keeping me from taking the speed sensor off. Neither me, my instructor, or tool room have a socket this small in 12 point.
Is there some special way to remove this bolt or will i just have to buy another socket?

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You need to get the socket unless you've already ruined the sensor. In that case rip it outa the way. The only place I could find one was at Snapon. Actually ordered mine off Ebay. Goto a Snapon, Mack, reall tools dealer, they'll have one. Don't waste your time at Sears or Schucks or Harbor Freight. GET a 1/4" drive one or it WON'T fit. I bought a 3/8 one first off and was still screwed.

You need a 12pt, 6mm socket. And it has to be 1/4in drive.

I had fun finding one too. I called every auto parts store in the phone book and the only one that could get it special ordered it and was in the next state over. You might want to check the thread in my sig.... it should help you.

Thanks, guys. I was guessing I'd just have to order that socket. It's kind of ridiculous they didn't put it 6 point lol.