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front suspension rebuild

john gaglio

June 4, 2001
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Pearl River NY
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1997 Explorer XLT
Ok need some help, time to replace the front end supension Control arms, ball joints and tie rod ends, Found a site on ebay with a kit with control arms , ball joints in and outer tie rods for 157 dollars. has any body use this kit? will it last?
I also priced all the parts at Rockauto for MOOG parts but that comes out to about 330 for the control arms , ball joints and outer tie rod ends .

I know you get what you pay for but

If you stay on the road mainly-it should work fine for a few years-
Look closer at the ebay ad, I think you can buy an upgraded quality set for a few $$ higher.

For a complete front end rebuild kit-I would buy it again.