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Front suspension rebuild


June 27, 2013
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1998 Explorer XLT
I have to admit that the task seemed a little overwhelming at first but after reading various threads on here I completed it in just a few hours. New upper control arms new lower ball joints all with grease fittings. It drives like a new truck! No more banging clunking or walking all over the place when you hit a bump. About a month ago I changed the rack out due to a bent tie rod. All that is left is a power steering line two tires and an alignment. Still not too bad for a free truck with working A/C.


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When i got the lower joints out and inspected them I discovered the ball parts were pitted and rusty. That goes towards my theory of binding during turning. 188k miles what can you expect

Just plain old no name eBay junk. 69 bucks for the control arms and the lower joints. I know you get what you pay for but a budget build is a budget build. I'm going to lower it next week. I'm plan on just having fun with it. Throw some parts at it every now and then

Weird thing was they all had grease fittings except the drivers side upper it was a sealed unit