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Front sway bar links


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May 1, 2020
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Monroe, GA
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1996 Explorer XLT
I'm in need of replacement front sway bar links, anyone know where i can get some quality ones?
Also any info on good front or rear sway bar upgrades?

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Quite happy with these More Information for MEVOTECH TXK7275

Cheap and durable, save your self some time when removing the old ones and simply cut em in half with grinder (lift front end up first).

Saleen XP8 had 23mm rear swaybar, instead of the OEM 19mm one, Explorer express made 28mm? one also, but that company no longer exists, might be hard to source though and bushings for it is bit tricky, made thread about it. Perhaps Hellwig might produce something that might work with our explorers? if i recall correctly someone just did upgrade theirs.

Edit: Found this

If you want to do it right and improve the ride and handling of the Explorer, get some polyurethane /prothane bushings and end links. Get the black ones as they last longer. Greatly improves the ride and handling...

I did all of my links and bushings switched to polyurethane end link bushings at the end of the thread