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front tire wear


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February 4, 2008
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Hamilton, oh
I have a 2005 sport track. I am getting tire wear on the insides of the front tires. I have had the alignment checked twice and it was good both times. I think the wear is from having it loaded down and getting suspension sag. I am wondering if cranking up the torsion bars might help. If i do this i am not really looking for lift I am just looking to compensate for the sag when it is loaded down. How many turns should I do on the torsion bolts? how much lift will each turn on the bolt do? I did some searching and found people say not to go over 2 inches with 4 wheel drive but as i said i am not looking for a lot of lift. I just couldnt find anywhere in the threads that told how much turn does how much lift.

Does anyone else have the tire wear problem?