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front tires like / \


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March 23, 1999
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95 xlt
I have a 2wd 95 ford explorer with a 3 inch body lift 3 inch spindle lift and 2.5"+ torsion bar lift. my alignment is totally messed up and my tires literally look like this
/ \ almost at that angle!!!! I didnt notice it as much untill recently when i put the spindle lift on. It has chewed threw my front tires bad.
Anyone else have this problem or does anyone know a solution other than gettin ride of the spindle lift?

Thanks in Advance

Jeff Seal

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Im pretty positive that your problem is that you have negative camber on your front wheels. If you go to a reputable alignment shop they should be able to get you some shims to help fix your problem.

It sounds like the cams in the spindles are backwards. They may be able to be turned, but an alignment shop would know best.

Did you not get an alignment imediatley after the lift was done? That would be the problem right there.....

Hey Jeff, talked to Courtney lately? ;).
I know Heath had his camber like that, we put in some camber adjusters from Ford (about a $10 part) and that seemed to do the trick.

Thanks guys i am gonig ot try to get it to an alingment shop friday it is in 100 pieces right now... rebuilding the calipers all the way around.

Hey Matt. I havnt seen her in a while becuase i have been at school in Nashville but I am at my parents here in ATL now so I am sure i will run into her sometime. Ill tell her you said hi.


I have the same problem, but i got it when i went offroading and got some air. I first though it was an alignment problem but after i got the chamber adjustments it only fixed it a little. I believe i bent the spindle and that's what all the mechanics said when i brought it in to check it.

Happen to know the part numbers for those camber adjusters? Mine has negative camber and sears is wanting to charge me 30 something dollars for each side just for the kit, and they don't even know if their "aftermarket" kit will work.

What is involved in installing them?

you have a p.m.

Hey did your truck go up evenly all around. I mean did you life the truck square like 2.5 all the way around or what ever the lift is. If you did the alignment shop or dealer will have no problem doing a perfect alignment on your truck. Don't get the cams and do it your self. I'm mean you want to get the best tread life you can out of your i right. ;)

well right now I have about 5.5+ inches up front and 4 inches in the rear. plus the 3" body lift. I am going to do a soa when i get the time to bring the rear back up. the camber is literally like / \ Can an alignment fix that? it has already chewed the front tires up on the inside edge.

It depends on how much it's off. You can buy the cam bolts and cams from If your camber is too much, I don't know if the adjusters can correct them that much. The part numbers for the bolt and cam are F5TZ 3B236-A ($11.99) and the cams(i'm not sure if they come with a nut) are F5TZ 3C203-A ($3.99). You're supposed to buy 4 of each if you want to do the drivers and passengers side. I ordered them and i'll be getting them in on the 10th, probably putting them in on the 11th and getting an alignment the same day.

jeez, see why SFA is so much better:D

all you'd have to do is jut crank the tie rod a bit, and poof! you'd be done!:D

Got my alignment this weekend. Oh, it's soooo great. Much better, I still need a new set of camber kits to bring it back to factory, it's just alittle off right now. She drives great. Most of the shimmy and shacking is gone. It still shackes just a little bit at 65mpg. but that may be resolved with a new front driveshaft. I also balanced my tires. They couldn't get them balanced perfect because the tire tread and the wear I've put on them, but let me tell you, the X drives way better now.:D

should i put the shims in before i get the alignment or does it matter?

hey exploder did you do a SOA?


by shims i ment the camber kit

You'd put the camber kit in first, then get the alignment.

No I'm sprung under in the rear. Yeah get the kit first.

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kit works for 2wd? anyone have a pic of it so i can get a better idea of what is involved.