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front tires like / \

I'm pretty sure it would work exactly the same way on a 2wd.

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Here's a picture from
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That's what the bolt and cam looks like, I have no clue what the other part looks like, waiting till I get it in.

so do these bolt to the upper A arm? also are they ajustable and how to I know when I have it right?

Yeah, they go on the upper control arm. They'd better be adjustable. What i'm going to do is install them tomorrow, hope I put them in right, and drive myself over to sears and get an alignment.
I'll try to take pictures.

awsome tell us how it works

Well, I finished installing it today. One big thing I learned is that you do not need to buy the bolt and cam, just the cams. It was kind of funny, I spent about 20 minutes just trying to take the damn bolt out just to see that it's EXACTLY the same as the bolts that I ordered. So, we can all learn from my mistake. Here's the install(with pictures):

1. Here are the parts that I ordered, the bolt with cam and the cams.
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2. The first step is to loosen the lugnuts and then jack up the driver's side by putting the jack on the jack point on the lower control arm. Then, for safetly, put a jackstand under the IFS crossmember. Take the tire off and if you want, take off the splash guard thing from the fenderwell.

3. Next you want to take the nut off of one of the bolts that hold up the upper control arm and after you have it off, pull off the non adjustable cam and replace it with the adjustable cams. Then do it to the other bolt on that side.
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4. After you're done with the driver's side, do the same steps with the passenger's side.

Note: When putting the adjusters in, don't worry too much about which way the flat top part is pointing, just try to keep it straight up.

Here's pictures of the old cams:
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so how do they adjust? or do you just put them in and tighten everything back up?

Thanks a ton.

Pop those suckers in there, tighten them down, drive to where you want to get your alignment and they'll do the rest.

I just got the new cams. My explorer already has them in it. are the new ones different? More angle?

My camber is like –3.0 on the alignment machine. The camber adjustment is as far as its gonna go. When I look on the passenger side the upper control arm looks different, it has camber and caster adjustment bolts.

Hey All. i was wondering if you fixed the negative chamber.

dont mean to bring this back up but i wanna find out what everyone has done to correct the camber.
i installed the parts listed above and the alignment shop said they couldnt adjust it far enough. i had -2.0 camber on the machine. they said i would need to replace that big bolt with something else.
any ideas on other camber kits available?

im fixing mine with an SAS

I have those adjusters if you want them i never put them in still in the bag from ford.