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Front turbo oil leak


September 23, 2018
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Cary, NC
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2016 Explorer Sport
The front turbo is leaking oil where the oil line connects at the bottom. I replaced the gasket and its still leaking. No oil is visible above the leak so I'm confident this is where its coming from. I'm wondering, since the gasket is metal, could I have over-tightened it?

oil leak - view from underneath.jpg

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You could try a copper coat sealer on the metal gasket. I doubt you caused the leak from over tightening. Perhaps the flange has become slightly distorted.

Its pretty dirty for being recently worked on. I would clean all that up with brake cleaner and also replace those bolts. Thats where the oil is coming from. I'm not sure what the torque spec is but I would look it up. Also things will get hot and loosen up so need to recheck after a few miles.

Can I get an update? I think I have the same issue. Was it possible to pull these nuts off, and replace a gasket? Easy job, or something for the stealership?


That return line could be rotted underneath that foil shield. That happened on my supply line. The gasket doesn't look like its leaking you would have oil on the bolt heads.

According to this video, the gaskets around the spinning turbo are unlikely source of issues. Centripetal force is used to fling oil before it gets out. Perhaps one of these issues:
  1. dirty air filter (creating back pressure on the oil draining)
  2. kinked oil drain from the turbo
  3. backpressure from the crankcase
I wonder if this is more prominent after trips where I sit in traffic?