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Front Wheel Bearing - Left or Right

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December 14, 2010
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2016 Limited
2004 XLT, 156K miles. I develop a loud hum at about 30 mph. Does not get noticeably louder as I increase mph. Hum disappears with the slightest turn to the right and comes back as soon as I straighten out. Does not go away when turning left. I think it's likely a bad bearing and would like to change it before a scheduled trip Thursday. I know if one is bad the other isn't far behind but really pressed for time right now and would like to fix the one that's bad now.
I have read several posts and get mixed messages on which side is the likely bad one. Some argue that if the sound goes away when you make a turn the bad bearing is on the side you are turning. Otrhers say that it is on the side opposite to the direction of the turn. What do the experts here say?

Sounds like your right front to me.

replaced the right hub - no difference. Replaced the left and all is quiet. Wasn't a bad job but mine is a 2WD.

Sorry for the bad guess on that but glad you got it worked out. Odds are you'd have to change the other one at some point anyway so now you're ahead of the game!