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Frozen Door Lock...


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January 8, 2010
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McDonough, GA
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1999 XLT 4x4, 4.0L OHC
From the driver's door lock switches, I was pressing the passenger door unlock button exactly as my son (in the front passenger seat) was pulling the door handle to open the door. The result was that somehow the front passenger door lock froze in a locked position and I cannot open the door.

Since I cannot open the door, I cannot remove the inside door cover to gain access to the lock or the arm extending from the door handle to the lock. I went to a garage and they had no clue.

I went to a body shop and their solution was to cut out the lock from the outside skin, buy a junk yard door, paint the door to match, buy new locks all around, spend $1900.00 (estimated).

Sure would be thankful for a recommendation here...

Many Thanx...