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frustrated with caster kit


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August 11, 2013
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Brandon, FL
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2001 Sport Trac
i really hope someone can shed some light on my situation. I have lifetime alignment with firestone. Anyway, despite my truck's alignment being ok, they recommended that i get a caster kit for the passenger side so I can align it better. They said, I already have one for the driver side.
So i install the Moog K80065 caster kit on the passenger side and get it realigned....and now the truck pulls to the left. Then they say, i need one for the driver side too...WTF?
Anyway, I install a caster kit for the driver side and after a realignment, the truck still pulls to the left. They said, it must differences in the caster kits...i told them i bought one on amazon and the other from advance auto parts...
After going through purchase receipts, I realize ...they're both the same brand/model caster kits!!!!
So now what? my truck pulls to the left and they showed me a printout of the alignment saying that this is all that can be done....I'm ready to pull my hair out!!!
I should not have messed with the alignment to begin with....any advice? thank you in advance

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Check tire pressure. All even. Rotate tires. A bad tire will cause it to pull. On my son's car, if i moved a tire to another location it would pull. Dave p

that reminds me, I did get into a minor fender bender accident in the beginning of this year. Been trying to figure out why my truck vibrates above 65+ mph and I checked the balance of both front and rear tires just last week and all are ok. I also put equal tire pressure in all of them. I changed all the shocks as well. Might have to double check the sway bar...though i think it may be ok. There is some weird popping noises coming from the front passenger tire though when the ground changes levels. I also did change the bearings and there is no vertical/horizontal movement on that wheel... maybe i'll try rotating the tires. Should a bad wheel show up during the balancing procedure? thanks

Keep us updated (mine drifts/pulls right) I just put new tires so I'd be pissed if any were bad but I believe it drifted right before the tires cause I could never really just let go of the wheel.

Your fender bender- front (bent something) or rear (there's a tsb for the rear axle with vibration above 75

Post up your printout for others to see. From what I read just because your in spec doesn't mean much. I have the lifetime with Firestone and they will hate me when i keep showing up until it's right. I read from some it's good for cross camber .5 to account for crown but then others say 0- make it drive straight. After thinking I agree, I'll adjust while driving f the road is crowned. Also read rear thrust could cause problems…so post up you printout- I'll do mine also for comparison. I have also dl the alignment specs from ford while I was comparing with mines.

I also thought it was opposites, you pull left so look at the right and vise versus?

From my experience so far with Firestone alignment- just hope to get someone that understands how it works and the cause and effects of each adjustment, it seems most know how to read the screen and say well it's within spec- but is that good enough? Not for me!

This is my 1st alignment (in at least 5 yrs)- I got new tires and did a tt, that is my before and after

My toe and camber were jacked up (I think it was jacked up before the tires and tt because my inside edge of old tires were wearing bad). The after still had jacked up camber but "in spec", said that was as much he could get- not good enough for me.

Then I installed the camber kit on the right (I have left side but waiting to do this when I eventually replace the uca since it's already a pain in the arse and it wasn't bad). So this is the before and after with the right side camber kit

Much better but I still get drift/pull to the right and my steering wheel is ****ed slight left off center- after I told them to fix it both times. So I think I have a bad part.

Edit: just looking at my #s , how can my thrust angle differ every time? I thought there is no adjusting unless you straighten frame or maybe axle? And how my rear toe is so bad on the left, again I didn't think these could be adjusted. My front toe seemed to change also from the 1st to 2nd alignment…so I think I have bad parts but not sure where to look (tie rods or balljoints)

thanks for the reply. I've been looking around to find out where I put that spec sheet, but I must have thrown it away. I do know that after i installed both caster kits, one firestone had the front driver wheel still in red....I took it back to another firestone and was able to bring it back to the green...they said that was the most they could adjust the caster kit....despite the truck still pulled to the left...

okay, my surprise.... i went ahead and switched the front left and right wheels...and guess what? the truck now pulls to the right instead of left! weird...and it does drive a little smoothers (not sure if that's just me)

anyway, these are all used tires. They're different brands. How do I know, if the tires are the issue? The shop that sold it to me verified that the tires are ok even with alignment. Next, I'd like to rule out the wheels themselves to make sure they are not damaged or warped since i did get into a minor fender bender. Can a tire balance tell me, if the wheel is warped?

Move the tires to the rear. On my son's car it took several tire configuration until it would track straight. Different tires have different tread and rubber compounds. If you have different tires on the front it it will probably pull. Try to put the same tires on the front. Dave p.

it took me 40 minutes just to switch the front tires around (it will take me all day to just try different combinations). Was thinking to just buy new tires for the front or even 2 used tires with the same brand....but my trucks vibrates very badly when i go higher than 65+ mph and I did get into a minor fender bender. I'd like to rule out a bad wheel first