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Fuel Delivery Problem ????


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June 4, 2000
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Hello Members
I might be having a possible fuel delivery problem in my 1996 Explorer XL 4.0 V6 with about
47,000 miles. For the last few weeks the truck has had a intermittent stalling problem during start up.
The engine would shake and die, and would not restart for a couple of hours. On a few occasions the engine would also die while driving.
I've put the truck on a Snap On scan tool on 3 different occasions trying to find trouble codes. The computer wouldn't show any codes or errors. I've replaced the air filter, spark plugs, and oil change. And refueled gas tank with a different brand of fuel. The problems seemed to stop for about a week. Until last Friday, when the vehicle died while driving and would not restart for about an hour or so. After that the vehicle was driveable again, but on Saturday it died while driving and would not restart at all and had to be towed home.
The truck has fuel in the tank, the engine cranks at normal speed, but seems like it doesn't have fuel going to the engine. I've tried checking the shrader valve on the fuel rail without a fuel pressure gauge by using a pencil to depress the relief valve. There were "0" psi and there wasn't any fuel coming from the valve. I've checked the inertia switch and it was in the proper position, I've checked the fuel pump fuse and the relay. Im not sure if the relay if working properly but when I engage the ignition I can hear and feel it click.
I've listen for a noise from the fuel pump inside the gas tank but I cannot hear anything when the ignition is turned on, and nor do I remember if it did it before. I've cycle the ignition 20 times at 5 sec. intervals and checked the shrader valve and it still has "0" psi (with the pencil method).
I have the Chilton's 1991 1999 repair manual 26688 and on Fuel System 5-7 Figure 12 fuel pump test. It tells you how to test
the fuel pump but I need to find VIP connection. What is that and where is it at.
If my fuel pump is bad can I remove the out going line to the fuel filter and put a electric fuel pump running from a gas can to supply fuel to the engine ? Or will this damage anything. I just wanted to make sure it is the pump because the want $200 for a new one.
My understanding is that I should have about 35 to 40 psi at the shrader, and I don't have any pressure at all. So, I am assuming that it might be the fuel pump. If you have any advice or suggestions please post. Im on foot now
so I need to get it fixed fast

Thanks for your time!

You might want to check for voltage at the fuel pump/sending unit electrical connector located on the left frame rail. There should be a pink/black wire which should show voltage when the key is turned on. It does sound like it is the fuel pump. As far as the VIP, Haynes shows it in the wiring diagram as a self-test connector. As far as it's location I have no idea. Expressautoparts.com has a fuel pump for 141.49. Hope this helps


Their has been talk about this problem on here before. If I remember correctly it has to do with the fuel relay going bad. Next time it happens and will not start try switching the relay for the air conditioning for the fuel one and see if it works. Won't cost nothing to try and if it does work all you need to do then is go to the parts store and get a new one. Good Luck.