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Fuel Filler: how disconnect?


August 6, 2013
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Dundas MN
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1996 Explorer 4.0 OHV 4WD
I need to remove the tank for pump replacement.

I would like to remove the fuel filler pipe in order to more easily get a siphon hose in there (it has nearly a full tank of fuel).

How does the filler disconnect from the tank? Which way do I push the plastic tabs to release the fitting? It seems to be on pretty tight; should I be able to rotate the filler on the tank neck like we do with the smaller quick-connect fittings?

Will fuel come gushing out of the tank filler neck when the pipe comes off, or do I need to try to get the fuel level down somewhat first?

Regarding the vent line, it appears that I should pinch the tabs toward each other to release the fitting. Is that correct?

1996 Explorer 4x4 4 door

Regards... Mike

P.S. Is it possible to siphon/pump from the delivery or return line at the fuel rail?


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I got answers to all my questions except one: How to unlock the filler pipe from the tank.

The pipe was a little stuck but twisting freed it up. I'm guessing that the plastic tabs must squeeze together like the smaller one pictured, but I can't get them to do so. I tried a large pair of pliers... not enough room for that. I also tried squeezing them with a hose clamp... can't tell if that is moving them.

Has anyone in Explorer land ever had a need to perform this task?

Regards... Mike

Mine wasn't like that, it had a regular hose clamp on it... Actually on both of those. Maybe my Exp previous owner cut the end pieces off?

Anyway, there is no pressure at that point, only when you overfill the gas tank (like clicking forever the pump handle). Then the gasoline will stay in that filler tube for a while and have a little gravitational pressure.

It finally came apart. I was able to lower the tank and get it out to the side of the vehicle somewhat which made it easier to access the fitting.

I think there was sand/gravel debris and/or rust scale in there made it impossible to fully depress the tabs. What a bear that was.

SoNic67l, regarding the hose clamp attachment method... that is also the only way I have ever seen it done too until now, and it appears Ford went back to the clamp method on newer models.


Mine is 2001 so, yes, it might be that.