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Fuel Filler Tube Removal from Tank


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August 3, 2005
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Gainesville FL
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'95 XLT
I need to drop my fuel tank (1995 4x4) to replace the pump. I would like to disconnect the fuel filler and vent tubes at the rear of the tank (not the fuel lines) so that I can easily syphon out the (neary full tank) fuel. Earlier models seem to have a traditional hose clamp, but the '95 looks to have some type of spring loaded (?) clamp that I haven't figured out how to release. I know how to do the regular fuel lines but these are much larger and perhaps require a similar but larger tool? There appear to be some compressible tabs on the tank side of the fittings but squeezing and pulling hasn't helped yet. I've searched and haven't been able to find this addressed anywhere. Thoughts on how to disconnect these tubes?


Thanks - thought I had tried pushing and squeezing, but maybe I was squeezing and pushing. I'll give it another go!