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Fuel Filter, Fuel Line HELP!!!


August 30, 2012
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New Jersey
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2000 Ford Explorer XLS
Had some problems changing my filter!! Was having trouble with the tank side of the filter, like everything else under my truck it is rusted to hell!! After about an hour and a half of getting no where the filter just gave in and snapped right off.

I also notice that the line that connects to the filter from the tank is frayed at the top, most likely due to the fight I had just had with the connector on the filter!!, I take a closer look at it and notice there is a hole in the line.

How do I replace this line? It seems to be connected to the hard line by a crimped connection.




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Any ideas? Anybody? I was thinking of just cutting the metal fuel line and clamping high pressure fuel line to the metal and the other end to the filter.

Will this work?

i'd put 2 hose clamps on it just too make sure it doesn't blow off.

Fixed it this morning, used fuel injection hose and clamps. Got 2 clamps on the metal fuel line only 1 on the filter side.

The new filter has made a noticeable difference in the way my truck runs.